IWCF Well control courses – Surface & Combined

Level 3 or Level 4

Training Methodology & strengths of WCS:

  • Team with an average experience of more than 25 years in oil industry having engineering background, as full time instructors.
  • Blending of experienced & young faculty for providing best of knowledge in high energy level environment.
  • Rigorous simulator training and assessment  for each participant on Drilling & Well Control Simulator for surface & subsea operations.
  • Focussed, Systematic & well co-ordinated adherence to curriculum of accrediting agencies.
  • Regular amendments of presentation and assignments.
  • Constant monitoring and mentoring at individual level.
  • Modern classrooms with best of breed desk top computers and dedicated high speed internet connectivity for online examination.
 Day 1 Normal & Abnormal pressures, LOT, MAASP, Kick indicators, Top hole drilling, Line-up, Shut in procedures, Shut in pressures, Gas migration, Kick behaviour in OBM, Kick Sheet & Simulator practice
 Day 2

Assignment discussion, Driller’s, Wait & Weight and Volumetric methods of killing, Bull heading. Unusual situations in well control, Hydrate formation & Simulator practice.

 Day 3

Assignment discussion, Ram & Annular preventor, Stripping, Divertor, Sub-sea BOP, Testing of BOP stack, BOP Control Unit and trouble shooting, MGS, Vacuum degasser, & Simulator practice

 Day 4 Assignment discussion, Mock test & discussion, Simulator test
 Day 5 IWCF Equipment exam, IWCF Principle & Procedure exam


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